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The over the top stuff doesn't bother me and I became a Star Wars fan before we had any EU as well. That is because the over the top stuff (with the exception of Starkiller) isn't that bad or common.
Thanks for the comments proffessor, I think Ill pass on any responce to that guy wolf above you because after his comments, its obvious he just doesn't get it, and only wants to argue. But back to my point....

Starkiller, yes I would agree except people seem to take what he does in game as cannon way too often. I remember before the game came out, the devs talked about what he does and said yes its over the top, but that is what they are going for.. over the top and not cannon. Of course the fan boyz came out of the wood work and now they always go back to that when Starkiller is talked about in a poll. I think it just makes sence to use the movies as a model for obvious reasons. Example.. Yoda pulls an X-Wing out of a swamp and it looks like it took so much , but its no big deal to move a moon? I just shook my head when that happend. Now I dont fell all Jedi or Sith are OP.. but I do feel the ones that are, come way too often. Again I think this is just a bad writer trying to out do another writer.

Quick add.. The X-Wing scene took a lot of concentration, and the scene when Yoda blocks Dookus lightning seemed to really take something out of him. These are things that take alot... but some EU stuff goes way beyond what you see in a movie. Make new powers and all.. that fine.. my problem again is with the over the top aspect of these powers.