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Relate to Batman?....Ya right....Batman has been played and put on such a platform that he could beat anyone with preperation. That is no way relate able, because he never fails, everything always works 100% of the time for him.

Now last I checked The Force has no limit, therefore force users given enough training with it are able to accomplish pretty much anything. However there have only been a handful of characters that have reached that level, or even come close to reaching that level. Jedi/Sith are still mortal, they have made mistakes and have lost/died and never have come back whereas with comic book characters they almost never die and when they do, they come back through some absurd reason or the writers never bother to explain and they are back in the next issue.

In short, Jedi/Sith are not like Superman at all. They are vulnerable to even the most normal attacks the only things that make them different from the normal people in the Star Wars Universe is that they can tap into a power that puts them above those people.

Now are there bad SW writers? Sure every franchise has their share of bad writers, but to say Jedi/Sith are on Superman level is wrong.
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