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This seems to be a very big problem with Star Wars today. How many more "over the top" Sith or Jedi must we see before someone wakes up? If I published a Star Wars book, and my Sith character could desintegrate a person with only a look.. or destroy an entire galaxy with a thought, would he be one of the most powerful Sith ever?..yes but he would also be very lame. It seems that writers today have no idea what Star Wars is or needs to be, and of course GL only wants the money and cares nothing of the EU. I remember as a little boy watching Luke block blaster fire from the training droid and all I could say was "woooww".. then to do it with his eyes covered?? I was blown away. These days, Jedi/Sith are more along the lines of Superman.. it's over kill. If all I knew of Star Wars was the movies, I would think the Jedi are just normal people, but when they "quiet their mind" they can do amazing things. Most writers have just taken this idea and thrown it away. If I was pure evil,and could fight like Rambo, would I be more of danger to mankind than people like Hitler, Pol Pot, or Stalin?? Well of course not, it takes more to be a great villain.

All too often we get characters that are way over the top, when does it stop? When is it too much? The writers (all EU,not just books) need to think more before they deliver a product, and stop trying to out do the last guy. Give us something with some meat on it,and not just some guy that can kill everything..end of story. Look at comic books.. can Superman beat Batman? hell yeah he can, and yet Batman is every bit as popular, why is this? It's because he has a rich story and a great cast a villains and the reader can relate with him more. Give us some great Sith and Jedi, but for cry'n out loud calm down with the lame "uberness". Also it's is a very big deal when a Jedi turns to the dark side.. it's a "fall from grace" if you will. It's an even bigger deal to see one that can come back,thats why Vader's redemption was such a big deal. Maybe thats why they have statues of them in the Jedi library... the lost 20. Ill bet they have more statues down in the basement... the redeemed 60?? Come on people, a fall to the dark side is like a black hole, not a trip to the store for eggs and milk!! I don't know about you,but I would take a weak Sith with a great and calmer story over an over the top Sith any day. Maybe it's just me... what do you think? Please share.