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1. Know your role

- This is easily one of the most important aspects of any group, especially when using the tool. If you don't know your role, or feel like maybe your setup/rotation isn't as powerful as you'd imagined then do a little research. Contrary to popular belief, these forums do hold some good information for all classes when it comes to gear/rotations. Or even ask in game, sure you might get trolls on general but chances are someone will throw you a whisper to help you out.

2. Know the fights or ASK

- You don't necessarily have to know 100% of a FP/OP. Some people don't or haven't had time to run all these. Yes, using YouTube to watch videos of these is fine and dandy and may help some. If you don't feel like watching a video, then ask in group before a pull. Chances are if you ask prior to the actual fight, someone will be willing to explain the mechanics. There is no fight in this game that requires a book long explanation of mechanics. They are very easy to sum up for a majority of the players in this game. I, for one, and more than happy to explain a fight to you if you ask prior to the fight and not after you caused you a wipe.

3. Know your limits

- Don't queue up for something like LI HM if you are sitting on 50 mods. This is one of those FP that require some decent gear and knowledge. I'd strongly recommend that everyone runs SM of this prior to attempting HM, but if you don't.. then you don't. Just ask about the fights. LI HM can be accomplished with a good group who is decently geared. Doesn't require a Rakata+ group.

4. Be willing to accept criticism

- Like I said, no one knows 100% of everything. It isn't possible. Maybe someone you are running with knows a better gear setup or rotation for you ..don't be ignorant to them. Maybe you don't like their idea, so don't use it. But don't be an ***. If you do something wrong in a fight and someone corrects you, correct yourself. Clearly you weren't 100% of a tactic and someone knew it better.

5. Know your time

- Don't queue up for a FP/OP when you know you only have 30 minutes before you have to leave for school, work, appointment or whatever. All that is going to do is piss everyone else in the group off. Yes, we want to rush through these a majority of the time to get them over with.. but not to the point that pointless wipes are caused.

6. The 'spacebar' issue

- Not everyone is going to spacebar. That's life. Would I prefer people spacebar? Of course. I've ran every FP/OP in this game dozens of times. But just because you or I want something doesn't mean it's going to happen. If you don't have time to sit through someone else watching a few cutscenes, then you clearly ignored rule 5. Be respectful of everyone in the group.

7. Ignore is beautiful

- If someone is constantly annoying about anything.. whether it be spacebar, lack of intelligence, etc use the ignore function. Not only will this prevent you from having to listen to them but you won't ever have to worry about being queue'd with them again through the tool.

8. Give everyone a chance... usually

- If someone seems 'undergeared' for a run but they are confident anyway, give them a shot. You'd be surprised. The only exception to this rule is LI HM. You do need decent gear to accomplish this run. But every other FP/OP, an undergeared person can either usually be carried or they have found a good rotation/setup that still allows them to put out a good amount of damage or heals. I have ran FE and BOI with 3 individuals who all had 15k HPs and we were successful. So don't shoot everyone down.

9. Lastly ..have fun

- Sure you might wipe once or twice, but who cares? If you are on that big of a time constraint than don't queue up. The point is to have fun any game. SWTOR is no different. No one is perfect. No one knows everything. Everyone makes mistakes. It happens. Enjoy yourself.
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