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07.07.2012 , 12:16 PM | #27
Hey, as healer I don't mind being guarded in a pug. Chances are for the more chaotic trash pulls the DPS will all attack the elites/strongs with the tank and I'll tank the norms. Especially in places like Kaon, where with undependable DPS I can take a lot damage. Unless there's a Marauder (he gets auto-guarded), I wait a few pulls before giving Guard out on my tank. Mostly because I'm rarely in the mood to police people if we're not wiping. I know, I know, not helpful to the community.

But yes, in a group where you want to hold people accountable for being bad, do not guard the healer. If you don't feel like fighting about it, maybe guard the healer, depending on the fight, what the dps are doing, etc.

Actually you could probably forget to guard anyone and be fine.
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