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I thought this might be fun for people who in particular have reached level 50 and have become somewhat acquainted with all your companions. I might update this in the future when I get my other characters to 50 and get to know their companions too. Anyway what kind of ending do you envision for your character and their companions if everything for SWtor was said and done. I also included protocol droids.

**Potential spoilers ahead**

Jedi Knight - After many emotional confrontations with the Sith Emperor and the Empire, she finally decides to retire to Voss. Due to her services their earlier she is welcomed and allowed to meditate and train in their temples eventually becoming a much respected instructor herself.
T701 - Stays with my JK and Kira and remains a loyal friend and assistant helping out on the ranch they occasionally stay at.
Kira - The confrontations with the Sith Emperor, especially due to her past bring my JK and her particularly close and they become inseparable. They spend time together at the temple and ranch and Kira occasionally helps with the instructing and eventually starts to equal my JK in the lightsaber combat arts.
Doc - Eventually realizes he will get nowhere with my JK. They particularly have a falling out when he tries to follow up on his idea of purposefully creating contagions to profit from. Retires to his studies on Coruscant.
Rusk- Continues to serve in the Republic forces.
Scourge - Neither becomes a Jedi or returns to the Sith. Heads off into a remote part of the galaxy on private Sabbatical to soul search and rediscover himself.
C2N2 - Like T701, becomes a dutiful servant at the ranch my JK shares with Kira.

Bounty Hunter - Even though he captures Santorum and brings him to Darth Tormens, Tormens sees my BH as too much of a threat and tries to go after him and tie up loose ends. At the end however, my BH survives the confrontation and kills Tormens. He eventually goes underground becoming an enforcer in various criome syndicates. After getting old enough he retires to a bar in a dilapidated area of Coruscant like Dex from EP. 2.
Mako - Killed during the confrontation with Darth Tormens.
Gault - Survives and returns to his lifestyle of scheming and double dealing, occasionally helping my BH out on the side.
Torian - After Mako is killed by Tormens, Torian (who was dating Mako) goes into a rage and assaults Tormens all out. Eventually he is killed but pretty much sets up the shot my BH needs to finish Tormens off.
Blizz - Killed during the space combat in which Tormens boards my BH's ship.
Skadge - Survives the fight with Tormens and is particularly instrumental in inducting my BH into the underworld enforcer jobs, particularly for Black Sun. Together, they help the underwolrd cartels shake the galaxy up quite a bit and make an infamous name for themselves in the underworld to put even Rogun the Butcher and Diago Haxen to shame.
2VR8 - Also killed along with Blizz during the space combat when Tormens attacks.