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07.07.2012 , 10:22 AM | #18
I might agree with you on the Ranked thing. I am referring more to PVE groups. I understand the structure of PvP is way different, and like you said is more like sports.

My whole point is about the TIME it takes not the actual process etc.

When a group of people are ready to go! and we can't..."go". and we have to wait for almost two hours...over and over again...ALL BECAUSE OF LIMITATIONS...that's not good, and BW needs to stop that.

Groups are ready to get social...and we can't.

BW is aware of all this that's why they created group finder. Next they need to make it easier to group with taking out some restrictions that go against GF in a way. Because if you FIND a group but you can't play with them. Who cares?