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Heres a different experiance for all of you crying about people that dont know what their doing. Yesturday I ran my first HM with a 2nd tank who it was his as well. We also had a healer who never ran an ops before period. We were undergeared.

We did not wipe once. Did both KP and EV on HM with out a wipe.

How did this happen? We talked. All 8 of us talked and helped each other. For those of you crying about group finder...put a group together the old fashion way, get in voice chat and help each other.

yeah that's awesome and stuff. Can't wait to explain everything anytime I join a groupfinder. And every lazy sucker can get a free explanation while some people take their time and prepare reading a guide. EV und Karagga are exremely easy. Try that in Denova and you do GET a couple of wipes because somebody doesn't get it.

It is a matter of common sense and respect that you prepare for a certain content before jumping in with a rnd group. You can do a blind run with a pug on easy fps and ops without a problem. But you should check when the content gets harder and do your homework.
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