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And anyway, how will you fool a system that checks your main stat and endurance? That's all that is needed to gauge your gear progression.
So in order to pass the gear check on my tank I'll use the 56 DPS armours I've been unlucky enough to have drop, rather than the 51 tanking armour (with the armourings of the DPS armour transferred) I currently use? Especially with Def/Abs/Shld augments coming with Power rather than Endurance, a well geared (ie high mitigation to reduce healer's workload - endurance is for spike/elemental/internal damage) tank may well have much lower endurance than they would have if they stacked main stat and endurance.

There are decisions to be made, got a Columi earpiece drop yesterday, considered replacing my purple crafted one. Would have given a lot more main stat and endurance, upping my HP by 400 (around 2%), but would also have reduced my defence chance nearly 2%, and my absorb 2%. Overall I'd take the same time to go down, do a bit less damage, and require the healer to heal me more. Not a good move for a tank, in my opinion, but would make me look better equipped to your proposed gear check !

In most of the HM's you need strategy and awareness, not gear. This is as it should be. The trouble with fixating on gear is you get groups like the one I had last night (very nice people, and I had fun, though). Two friends, both Commando's, one of whom was highly geared and good. The other was less geared and less experienced, and often hit the floor during the early stages of boss fights, but we got through it. They got all the Commando loot, as the geared one was passing. Now, it may be that they learn well and become great, or they may not learn, and carry on being carried to great gear. A gear check would not distinguish.