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12.19.2011 , 02:32 AM | #4
CPU: Intel core i5, 3.20 GHz
Graphics: Geforce GTX 560 ti
Windows: 7 x64
Settings: Everything to high, shadows and Anisotropic filter to low, grass and trees to medium.

FPS: I get anything between 20 and 35 fps while questing. A little bit more when doing flashpoints. In warzones, I'm usually sitting on 13~18 fps.

I've read some threads, and for a lot of people the GPU usage seems to go DOWN once they enter area's that would require MORE gpu usage. Why this is happening, no one knows yet. But it is definitely a game-side issue, not an issue with anyone's pc.
I said that this isn't WoW. But I was wrong. Combat log, dual spec, 16 man raids going to be easier than 8 mans... No, this game is exactly WoW in a star wars skin. They're just subtle about copying it, by slowly implementing WoW features over time.