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2. but thats just it a represenative can't act as a senator. It would make no sense.

3. yeah I'm not saying He didn't get them onto the falcon. I"m saying with out R2 they could have never escaped. Remember R2 was with Luke so if Luke didn't go R2 would have never been able to save them and Leia would still be captured. So when they say there is another the other is already captured.

4. yeah but its one of those times where you would use something like that.

Then the other plotholes like how come when they where trying to kill Padme instead of sending in death worms why not just fire a rocket into the room as soon as the window was open and kill her.

3. Remember earlier when Han flowed away with a Star Destroyer's garbage? What was stopping Lando from doing that?

4. Maybe R2 ran out of fuel for his rockets or they got broke sometime in between 2 and 5? Technology can and does break quite often due to aging. I don't know if this one is possible because I am uncertain exactly how a droid works: maybe he ran out of space in his memory and wiped a portion of it to make new space and wiped his knowledge about the rockets?
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