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And another thing, guard on the healer is only useful if you plan on damaging everything in the pull by at least a small amount nearly instantly. Even with the reduction of threat, unless another player damages adds and far away trash, the healer will get aggro. They also stay out of the 15m range most of the time, so usually that 50% damage reduction bonus won't be applied and they just receive the 5% one.
The 50% damage transfer is only from player attacks. Does nothing in PvE. I can see arguments that the 5% is more useful on a healer and I know I as a tank have no issues holding threat so the threat reduction is less needed, but I do find the melee DPS take more damage anyway and it tends to make the healers job easier.

What it really comes down to is: if you're losing threat to someone, guard them. Otherwise its only a 5% DR so its up to you.

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Wasn't Esseles changed in 1.3? It hasn't popped for me in the group finder yet.
It was changed but it still has headshot as a must interupt or 1 shot someone thing. Deals about 6-8k dmg on my Columi Guardian Tank when it gets through. Probably still gonna nearly 1 shot a Recruit geared tank and stress a recruit geared healer. I'm not saying it can't be done with all recruit, but you do need to stay on the ball for it or you probably wipe.

Really the point is: its not an easy one on pub side and lots of people assume it is since it was the first one.

Also worth putting in the first post:
- You have to leave all tier 1 HM FPs selected to get the 5 BH Comms. Even unchecking 1 (Kaon and D7 I'm looking at you) will stop you getting the comms.
- You should only Need on things you can (and will) use yourself. Greed/Pass on the rest. Ask the group before Needing it for a mods/companions/alts and do not Need for mods/companion/alt if someone else will actually use it for their main spec.

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This info is about running FP's and ops, it has nothing to do with using the LFG tool.
Its general advice on running PUG groups which is what the LFG tool makes. The tool itself is pretty easy, the expectations of most of the people you end up with are what is being explained. These things are less important for the leveling FPs but once you reach the HM ones, there are expectations from most players who have done them before as well as some requirements gear wise.

I know I don't want to wipe 10 times getting a random group through MP when I can do a run with guildies in 20 minutes for the daily BH comms. That doesn't mean I'll bail after the first wipe, but if we make no progress I'm not hanging around and wasting credits on repairs. What it comes down to is if you make it easier on me and I'm gonna keep using LFG to help people out and meet new mates. But if you make it hard and I'll just run with guildies for the comms.