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07.06.2012 , 05:39 PM | #416
For the prompt “First Impressions”

Title: An Alliance of Convenience

Characters: Rixik, male Twi’lek mercenary, Korjonos, male Chiss sniper

Spoilers for both IA and BH Hutta class stories. If you made it past level 5 on those classes you’re fine.

This is the same pair from "Recreational Pharma", though those events are later. My bounty hunter is Rixik, the agent here belongs to my friend. We play together all the time, so I imagined this is how these two characters met. I had the idea knocking around for a while; took the prompt to get me to write it out. Language does play a role, and I suppose I could have submitted it for "Communication Breakdown" instead, but I think it fits the other prompt better.

Did run a bit long for this thread, 2000+ words.