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Hello everyone,

Please discuss this week's Community Q&A blog in this thread!
Incoming rage.

Not from me though. I actually appreciate reading some of the feedback on where the development team is at. I just want to see more actual information of things to come and have something to be excited about rather than the "SOON.TM" pr line.

Telling us information about what's to come has it's negatives and positives but hearing our opinions on that information BEFORE you waste precious resources//time on it is absolutely more important. It's really the only thing that will keep this game on the radar for those that have left and keep those that are subbed actually subbed. Your policy on "not releasing information unless you're sure of it" has -hurt - this game and anyone that has left would acknowledge that. Games that take a lot of internal information // feedback based on what the development team asked of the community will always be more accepted and adored than anything else.

What you guys did a few months ago by asking the community what we wanted to see in the "new" space content is a prime example of the "right way". Talking// listening to your community is one thing... ACTING on what is the vastly accepted change for the future is yet to be seen. ((character slots // Space // Dynamic events etcetc.))