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Since you are in contact with Austin, I would like to know something:

Do you know if Austin is currently aware of the shadowsins players are worried about their self-healing abilities? And if they are currently looking at it as well?
I didn't mean to give the impression that he and I were buddies. The response I got wasn't from him, it was from one of the liasons. I don't have a direct line to send questions up to upper management. The only reason I got passed back and forth a bit with my question was because it related to an interview I'd already done.

TBH - I'm sure they know what your concerns are and have looked at them. If they see that Assassins aren't able to tank end game content I'm sure a change will be incoming. Currently I know many that are tanking end game content just fine, so it really isn't a "real world" problem currently.
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