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Can I get an AMEN Brother? We have the EXACT same issue on Drooga's Pleasure Barge, another lucky server that Bioware decided to overstuff and cripple. 2-3 of every fleet at times and the lag on fleet is still almost unbearable with the ops experiencing the same issue. Could not kill hm Kephess the last 2 weeks due to the same issues you mention along with periodic FIVE second lag spikes. And before people say "get a better pc," mine is more than capable of handling anything SWTOR can throw at it and the same spikes are hitting people with $3000 pcs and $700 video cards. It affects the whole op. In fact key guild members have quit this week over this very issue.

Seriously Bioware, this isn't mindless QQ for the sake of QQ; people are leaving your game in droves due to this and other problems and a free pet as an apology for overburdening the servers isn't going to cut it. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with your customer service last week and the representative swore that this was a serious issue, it was the "#1 priority" for the developers and that it would be addressed "soon." Of course "soon" is a great word because it could mean 15 minutes or 3 months.

Why is it everytime a feature or fix is added to this game a critical flaw is included with it? Low-pop servers? Let's have free transfers BUT allow a ludicrous amount of people to go to a small handful of servers not built for it and cripple them. Lag on the fleet? Let's add more fleet instances BUT require over 230 people to be in one before a new one spawns and put the transfer on an inexplicable 30 minute cd. New character perks added in patch? Let's add some decent ones for alts but the only really useful ones for max-level characters (improved sprint speed and increased chance to learn a schematic from reverse engineering) that were promised for months get removed without a word. I could go on but this is about lag so I don't wan't to hijack the post and go off on different tangents; you get the point anyway.

This is a great game and, like any great game, it has hiccups from time to time. The issue for you all however is that you take far too long to fix problems (how many months was it till Soa was "bug free?") and the fixes all include some critical flaw that seems to have been capriciously included with no forethought. Less focus on legacy perks Bioware, and more on quality of life like no lag and overpopulated servers. It's insane that there are 110+ US servers with "light" populations and then almost nothing in between until you get to the 3-4 that are "very heavy" and the top 5 that are "full" with ocassional ques (which is assanine). So I ask you Bioware: how long till this issue is fixed? I really don't want to quit but this is my last month unless it's resolved.