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There are really only a few solutions.

1.) Do not raid at peak times. (Incompatible with players that only have set times they can raid.)
2.) Wait for a different day. (Again, above.)
3.) Try to get into another instance where the lag is less noticeable. (Could interfere with above.)
4.) Grit teeth, wait for fix that will break other things, rinse & repeat.
Ya my raid group goes from 7-10. The 1st hour we are about 16 of the 24-32 people in EC. no lag at all. One shot 1st 2-3 bosses. Then 8-9 hits and we are 16 of 100-150 people. die over and over due to lag.

1. We raid at peak times cus thats when people can play. Usually people play after work so ~6-midnight is about standard. peak times for server. So a solution for this game to be playable is to change my entire schedule. Go to work come one sleep for 5hrs wake up raid from midnight to 3-4am. then go to work. Im sorry no game is worth that. and if Bioware doesnt fix this lag anytime soon. Hope the RP player base can sustain there payroll.