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Our Denova is regularly seeing ~115 players on Tuesday during evening EDT. Our core group has never had to stop the raid as a result of the lag, but we did eat a couple of unnecessary deaths on FB/SC as a result of the lag. We got a stereotypical third-time-charm this week and finished the rest of the instance without any trouble, but I can definitely say the lag is starting to get worst, not better. Our second raid group is not as fortunate, since one of the healers is on a connection that is abominable and can lag all by itself, without the help of a bunch of people and server lag.

There are really only a few solutions.

1.) Do not raid at peak times. (Incompatible with players that only have set times they can raid.)
2.) Wait for a different day. (Again, above.)
3.) Try to get into another instance where the lag is less noticeable. (Could interfere with above.)
4.) Grit teeth, wait for fix that will break other things, rinse & repeat.
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