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I would like to thank the Dev team for mentioning our guild in the podcast, without mentioning our guild name. It was very rewarding to know that you guys were watching our PTS streams for 1.2, and even giving us nudges in the right direction as we were learning the mechanics of those fights. It was also rewarding that the mechanics changed the next few days after our stream conversation with regards to the knockback from Z&T hitting everyone. Again, thanks!

With that said...

While most of the community will thank you for the insight about Nightmare, etc we still don't have an estimation on when it will be released. The state of end game raiding for your selected few guilds that push through progression is pretty bleak because there is a lack of difficult content we can cut our teeth into. Guilds are falling apart as people move onto other games, with several top tier guilds quitting completely and went back to WoW.

If we have to continue to wait months for new content, or even Nightmare content, more guilds will fall to the wayside and you will be left with the handful of guilds to test this content, and a majority of lesser skilled players that will complain the content is too hard. Sorry if anyone finds this offensive, I call it as I see it. All the server merges did was delay the exodus for a little while longer, but unless something is released "soon", or a timeline is released, it will continue to be the downfall in end game raiding.
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