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12.19.2011 , 02:17 AM | #1
On the last boss of The Foundry flashpoint (name redacted for spoiler reasons), it is possible to bug the boss out. When he gets below around 50% or so, he begins an ability where he sucks everyone to him, slows them, and starts channeling a force storm for around 8-10 seconds. Also, this boss does not actually die at 0%, rather at 5% he goes immune and begins talking. However, if you push the boss to below 5% while he is channeling force storm, he will go immune but continue to fight and not end the fight as he is supposed to. This happened to my group two times in a row until we finally decided to try pushing him when he was not force storming. The fight worked correctly the next try.

Just a warning to those who try to do this flashpoint. If you encounter this bug, simply push the boss to around 8-10% and wait for him to finish a force storm. After he storms, push him over.

Happy hunting.