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07.06.2012 , 10:34 AM | #6
Yup Killing the bombers is a pain in the a** when you get a lag spike for 5 secs and they only up for about 20secs. In our guild we noticed it seems to happen when a new group of people zone into EC. Some other group wipes and zones back in while your in middle of encounter seems to cause the lag. I have opened multiple tickets and always get the same response. Saying that it is on my end. How i shouldn't use wireless connection, or share my connection. I live alone and i'm wired straight to my modem, always have 40ms in game. There is no way this is lag is on my end. Bioware needs to figure this out quick. Close all those low pop servers and integrate the hardware into the ~20 destination servers. Maybe open up transfers to 5 more servers letting the single players go to one of those so they can play this MMO single player style (mind boggling to me), but to each is own.

I play this game for end game content only (PvE/PvP). I don't care about RP/Quest/romance etc... This lag should be PRIORITY NUMBER ONE. If this lag is not fixed soon (before Panda) and I cant push the content and try for server 1st. Well guess my $15 will go somewhere else.