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^ This. Frankly on my server running a pyro merc without stabilizers will get you destroyed, 9/10 enemy dps are pyro pts and marauders, with a good understanding of our weaknesses. I have actually been laughed at before for trying builds without stabilizers, as soon as someone sees their attacks pushing back your casts expect them to mark you up and **** on you for the whole game.

Yes - you can play pyro without stabilizers but what happens when you can't proc a railshot from an unload? (i am so unlucky that this seems to be ~60% of the time) You are sometimes forced to use power shot, and in those situations you will be glad you picked up stabilizers. Pyro is all about being able to reliably burst down people, and if you get pushback-ed while proccing your second railshot in your rotation, good luck.
so many PT/VG, JK/SW's!!! stabilizers is a must!!

and, while you bring up damage abilities, let me bring up CM. good luck trying to cast that w/out stabilizers...

and if people are not using CM, they should rethink their strats. i can 2v1 most classes w/ a timely, strategically planned CM.

and JK/SW's...makes 1v1 them 1000x easier. especailly, sent/mara that only have one gap closer.

stun or KB, cleanse, kite, kite, kite....CM...heal, heal, heal...kill.(if they break the 1st stun...which they will have to, if they plan on catchin me :P )
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