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07.06.2012 , 09:33 AM | #21
All good ideas. Keep in mind that with more players on healthy pop servers and the LFG tool working pretty well- a LOT of players are now able to do things they hadn't before. SO, there are a lot more inexperienced players in the mix now able, willing but not necessarily capable to competently participate. As long as these inexperienced players listen to the advice from mission veterans and try to learn- help them. It'll provide a new challenge to the veterans with a sense of accomplishment when they meet success while babysitting. Doing this also can add more experienced players to the LFG pool. Remember, the Star Wars name created a ton of first-time MMO players across all age groups- and a lot of them want to learn and contribute. Now with servers hosting populations big enough to create groups, a little work from the die-hards can create a population full of experienced players.

Agreed, In game chat will help, especially for this scenario. Teaching somebody something via text chat is a long, long process.