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That's very good advice, Allison. It's always a good idea to communicate to ensure a successful multiplayer endavour.

Unfortunately, communication options in this game are rather limited. I really wish the game had better tools for communication to be able to follow your advice better - like chat bubbles, for example. For many players, communication in the game is incredibly awkward at the moment without them. Hopefully they will be patched in ASAP in one of the upcoming patches!
Integrated voice chat would help in many situations as well.
Some good advice was given...communication is key for successful runs. For guild runs of anything, using vent or TS or whatever else makes things easier. With the GF, you are not likely to share your guild info with random people. There are some fights where having to type out the entire fight beforehand is just not enough. A new person is not going to capture everything they may need to. Having to stop mid fight and type because something significant happened and some sort of adjustment needs to be made may lead to a wipe. IN GAME VOICE CHAT is needed. I don't understand how this game launched without it. And while i'm at it...Raid/Target assist! Not entirely necessary for FPs as there actually is a good feature for a group of that size.