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Even when you do get a group together via the Group Finder (and not the "old-fashioned" way), communication is always going to help your group be successful. Now that the Group Finder is out, lots of players may be trying out Flashpoints or Operations that they haven't tried before.

If you've never done the content before, it helps to speak up! Let your group know with something as simple as, "Hey, I've never beaten this Flashpoint before - can someone explain the bosses/mechanics to me?" Generally, someone else in the group will be able to offer you a brief explanation. Letting people know that you've never been but are willing to pay attention and learn is always much better than making a mistake!

If you have done the content before, you can help by stepping up to explain. Some people may be afraid of how a group will react if they're new, so take the lead and help! If someone seems to be having trouble (or if they're doing something wrong) and you can offer tips, do it! Remember, everyone has to do something for the first time once, and it doesn't help to get upset with people right away - give people a chance and some explanation and encouragement.

Good communication is definitely a key to success, so speak up!
IMHO essentially this is true and very good advice....however, as with most things in life it is not so simple.
I have seen signs that the SWTOR community is STARTING to go the same way as a large proportion of the community in another well known MMO, even a couple of posts in this thread point in this direction.
I have not used the SWTOR lfg tool as I am lucky enough to be a member of an active guild, but from my experiences in that other well known MMO being up front and honest often doesn't get the desired results. Going back to January 2011 not long after the release of the latest xp of a certain game I lost count of the number of times I was kicked from a group immediately because I was honest/stupid enough to open up with "Hi all, I've not done this instance before so please bear with me".
I know because the lfg tool is not x server this should reduce the chances of this happeneing but I hope it does not become as impersonal as I have seen before. It starts to feel less like a group of people getting together to achieve something and more like a production line to run through as quickly and easily as possible.