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Mm gear check... i remember this! Theres a way round this in blue pvp gear right... oh wait wrong game!

People will always look for the away round the checkers, so why waste the developers time in creating a gear checking system, its will be useless.
I think if they have enough experience with the game to fool a gear check, they will probably be ok to run the content. It's more for newbs (as opposed to noobs) who don't know what flashpoint requires what gear.

And anyway, how will you fool a system that checks your main stat and endurance? That's all that is needed to gauge your gear progression.

In the meantime, you can politely excuse someone from the group. We did it on KP story mode to someone in level 40 greens. "Sorry newb, you don't have the gear you need for this content. Here's how you get it: [brief explanation of the three daily areas]." Then we vote kicked.