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Since you are in contact with Austin, I would like to know something:

Do you know if Austin is currently aware of the shadowsins players are worried about their self-healing abilities? And if they are currently looking at it as well?

In case you don't really know what is it about (would be surprising):

Actually Shadowsins are the worst tanks in 16 men hm operation for a simple reason: they are the only tanks that have a mechanics that counts into their overall survivavibility and that doesn't scale with the amount of damage recieved.

It means that more the incoming damage raise, the more a shadowsin tank need extra healing compared to other tanks to be kept alive.

Let's take a theorical exemple:

Two tanks are in an operation where the incoming damage is roughly 5.000 dps..
- The first one has an overall mitigation of 50% : he needs 2.500 hps of external healing to be kept alive
- The seconde one has an overall mitigation of 40% and 500hps of self healing: he need 2.500 hps of external healing as well to be kept alive

Now, the two tanks go in a 16-men hard mode operation with an incoming damage of 20.000 dps, together:
- the first one now needs 10.000 hps to be kept alive
- the second one now needs 11.500 hps to be kept alive

This is exactly (exact numbers set aside) what is happening to shadow/assassins tanks: even if they are balanced in 8-men story and even rougly balanced in 8-men hm, this balance just break when overall damage goes up in 16-men hm.

It is even more a worry for shadow/assassins tanks that they see that operations brings ennemies doing more and more damage with new patchs and they can foresee a day where they will be considered as "a really bad choice for a choice of tank in the brand new operation" because of it

Some players even are so worried about they would like it to be removed and some classic mitigation being added instead... honesly, I think it would be a loss, since it's part of our specific gameplay and originality as tanks... but it needs to be reshaped someway before we really really get screwed with it compared to other abilities that scales with damage no matter what.