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There are many people out there that do not listen period. And frankly Im getting tired of babysitting for players who either don't have a clue as to what they are doing or are wearing the worst gear out there and expecting to be carried through an instance. For the love of all that is holy at least put in a gear check for certain hms so people dont get stuck with complete imbeciles who don't listen and are not prepared for a flash point. I swear if I get put into a HM LI with another tank that has 13k hps and doesnt even have implants or an earpiece I am going to scream.
You shouldnt be using group finder for LI in my opinion, unless you're group queing with a premade. Too many instructions and the way one tank's used to tanking lorick and the robot isn't necessarily going to work for every group composition even if they're geared enough to beat the FP which isn't a given. If the tank's used to ranged dps and both dps are ops, for instance, you're gonna be boned for a long time on boss #1. Even some of the trash has tricks to it (guys A B and F need to be cced or the mob's immortal; if you use aoe in room X the group wipes, did everyone walk in with a good supply of rakghoul vaccine etc). Just too many instructions for my taste and too little margin for error for this to be done with strangers without spending an inordinate amount of money on repairs.