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07.06.2012 , 12:29 AM | #14
I believe that T1 HM FPs are designed for 50/51 gear, and full Columi player is over-geared for it. I have played with one sage healer who had tank's gear (+defense). He had a huge HP pool, but he had troubles healing KP HM and needed to be covered. I do not look at HP at all, because it is so easy to add HP to any gear with Augments now.

Some advices to healers from a healer:
- At the very start of FP ask everyone if it is their first FP run. If it is your first run, tell about it ASAP. I hate surprises when we pull not a TnS boss.
- Even during quick runs regenerate your resource after every pull. **** happens. Do not rush.
- It is your fault if anyone dies, regardless of a reason. If you can not outheal a huge damage spike, explain tactics to a group to avoid or prevent it. You are healer, and it is your job to keep your group alive. Communication is your biggest healing skill.