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I run a tank and a healer and I've got a couple of comments here:
- Tanks aren't the bosses, but most people look to them and I like to make sure everyone knows what they are doing. Most important is that if you don't know the fights, speak up. Most of the time I don't mind explaining the fights. But I'm over typing out Soa and Mentor from D7....
- Going into HM FPs, expect everyone to do a quick run, skipping what you can and spacebar convos. If you want to do bonuses speak up. If you want to do convos I'd suggest you talk to the group and possibly queue story mode instead.
- DPS should wait for the tank to start each pull. Especially Guardian tanks, we have enough issues with spread out mobs already guys.
- DPS also need to kill adds while the tank takes care of the boss.
- If the healer lays down an AoE heal, the DPS also need to stand IN it.
- When skipping mobs, stick near the group and do not run off ahead. If someone pulls aggro accidentally you want to be ready to clean up. Similarly everyone should be sticking with the slowest person which will usually be the healer recovering after topping you all off.
- Tanks should NOT guard healers in PvE. If the tank is guarding the healer he is (usually) doing it wrong. If the healer is actually benefiting from a guard he is (usually) doing it wrong.

Lastly for Pub side: Best hard modes to start on are Taral 5 and Maelstrom Prison. Hard mode Esseles is actually tough for a fresh 50. Unfortunately if you choose your FP you don't get the Black hole comms.