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You find it hilarious some people care about how they and their companions look?
What I find amazing is that Ashara (or Mako, or Kira or, for goodness sake, Kaliyo) would ever agree to wear an outfit like that in public in the first place. I would honestly expect Kaliyo to blow a hole in you larger than the death star before agreeing to wear that thing. And Ashara is supposed to be this shy, socially awkward girl - are we supposed to believe she'd run around wearing a thong and a bikini top?

The fact BW lets you put that on them really kind of defeats the purpose of even creating a persona for the companions in the first place. Companions should wear outfits that match their character style. Just put an armoring/mod/enhancement socket on the chest piece and have it apply to all their pieces so we just have to upgrade them once.

I could see having some kind of 'match companion outfit to mine' menu option. And I could see having quest rewards (or commendation rewards) to buy additional outfits for our companions, which would match the companions particular tastes and persona, and give us something cool and rewarding to do.

In the meantime, my vote is never to fix this bug, and yes, Ashara slipped me 50 credits to post this.