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07.05.2012 , 03:25 PM | #10
i would add kaon to your list as a low hp toon can get eaten in there real fast. perhaps a fight or two in battle of ilum as well.

nice job though but if you don't use hit points i am not sure how you would tell how well or poorly a player is geared at a glance.

the guard issue depends on the group as some need it on a dps but another on the healer. when we run guild hm with two gs it is put on the healer as it isn't needed on a gs always in cover. perhaps our gs are better players. when i did a pur nightmare pilgrim they were put on the healers as well. the debate for this can go on and on as from my view point there isn't a must have on a certain role. but rather on the person that benefits the group the most from it.