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I'd like to suggest an alternative for "quick heals" Arsenal PVP spec. Swapping the 2 points in Med Tech (bottom row) for Surgical Precision System (2nd row) means that you will be more efficient with your heals when you need to heal (more often than not, you're healing yourself in an emergency, and thus pushback is an issue). Can't tell you how many times I've stalled out when trying to use even a quick cast on myself because someone's pushing it back.

Making your heals complete faster under fire is arguably (at least in my opinion) better than reducing the cooldown/activation time for heals that will generate more heat in the long run. Heals when they count!

(If you decide to post this build, feel free to recreate it in Torhead. I used DarthHater's build mechanic but they're ultimately the same!)
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