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Did the Flashpoint yesterday for the first time, me as 21 tank and the dps 19sh, with a healer L26 ><

Ofcourse healing department was superior to say an equal to team level and we didnt have any problems.

Positioning of the team during the beast boss, make it face the wall and have the group assembled always together and moving always together for easier aoe management on adds.

Aside from that, i wasnt really taking any real damage and the adds were taking care off when we did the trick with the group bunching together.

Its an endurance fight after all, wasnt too hard at all.

Even the last boss was about the same thing.

as tank the only damage i was taking was at the end when he started charging those lightnings, but it was just a spike to heal like from 100% health down to 75%. Nothing really worth saying.

The answer is having better team members, more experienced.

As a side note, the DPS counsular was complaining for getting oom very soon.

my healer was Commando though
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