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12.19.2011 , 01:38 AM | #20
I just did this one tonight. Sniper, Sorcerer and two Juggernauts. The strat that seemed to work for us was to burn down the Sentinel and then the Consular. Then we took the Trooper down to like 5% and then the Smuggler down to 5% and basically finished them at the same time to avoid the mega rage damage boost. It helps if you can take turns taunting the Sentinel so she doesn't fly around the room hitting your healer. Main tank needs to keep aggro up on the ranged MOBs with AOE.

I suppose you could try to have each party member duel each enemy and try to kill them at the same time but without CC that might get hairy for squishy classes or healers.

We didn't get any loot for that fight and I couldn't tell if it was bugged or not. It looked like there was a chest but it was dead.
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