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6. Unable to retrieve patch data

This is most likely a connectivity issue. You will find below some troubleshooting steps:
  1. Restart your computer
  2. Router
  3. Try to connect with a cable
  4. Firewall
  5. Update your drivers
  6. VPN
  7. TraceRoute and PathPing

I) Restart your computer

"Refreshing" your connection might help with this issue. Restarting your PC is a good way for your connection to establish a fresh connection, especially if it has been active for a prolonged period of time.

II) Router

Much like the internet connection, restarting your router or modem is a good way to refresh your computer’s internet connection if it has been running for an extended amount of time.

If you are having trouble selecting a server, you may need to open specific ports on your router. If these ports are not open this may prevent you from accessing the game successfully.*
The port numbers that are required to do this are 80, 8995, 12000-12999 and 20000-30000 (TCP).*
For specific information on how to open these ports on your particular router, please consult the router product manual or the manufacturer’s website directly.

III) Try to connect with a cable

Are you using a wired or a wireless connection on your computer? If it’s the latter, you could try connecting your computer directly to your router using a wired connection to see if it improves the performance of the game? Wireless network connections can be prone to reduced signal quality when compared to a wired connection on the same network. The reasons for this could be related to:
  1. The quality of your wireless device and/or router
  2. Interference from other wireless signals
  3. Physical obstructions between your devices which reduce the wireless signal quality

IV) Firewall

You may need to allow the launcher (launcher.exe) and game client (swtor.exe) to communicate through your firewall. For the Windows firewall you can check the following guide:For other third-party firewalls, please refer to the software manufacturer for specific instructions on adding exceptions to those firewalls.

V) Update your drivers

Your connection could also be affected by your hardware drivers (especially those for your network card) being out-dated. It’s also important to be sure that your operating system is fully up to date and has all available service packs installed. Windows updates for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are available at
(Please note that we are not responsible for content on external sites)

You will find more information here and here.


If you utilise a VPN for your connection, you would need to ensure that the game is allowed to communicate through the VPN. If you are using a proxy server, please ensure that it is configured correctly in Internet Options.

VII) TraceRoute and PathPing

If none of the above help you with this issue, we would ask you to create a thread and to provide us with a TraceRoute and a PathPing.
In order to generate these files, please complete the following:

Paste that information at the bottom of your post using the Spoiler or Code Tags.

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