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Welcome to the Top 10 Issues and Solutions sticky thread! We're updating this thread regularly to provide you with the latest troubleshooting steps and tips for the most common issues you may have. If you cannot find what you're looking for over here, please have a look at our Issues and Solutions database here.

  1. Launcher issues
    I’m having trouble installing/patching the game.

  2. Antivirus false positive
    My antivirus software prevents me from installing/patching/launching the game.

  3. Black screen issues
    When I click on ‘Play’ I get a black screen.

  4. Disconnection errors
    I’m being disconnected from the game on a regular basis (Error 9000, Error 4001, etc.).

  5. Login service unavailable
    Upon logging in the Launcher, I receive a ‘Login service unavailable’ error message.

  6. Unable to retrieve patch data
    When patching the game, I receive an ‘Unable to retrieve patch data’ error message.

  7. Late/missing Cartel Coins
    I have not received my Cartel Coins.

  8. Friends referral issues
    I’m having issues referring a friend and/or receive an error ‘You’ve referred the maximum number of friends available at this time’.

  9. Payment failure
    My payment method was rejected.

  10. Security Question and Answer issues
    I can’t remember my Security Questions and/or Answers.

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