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Traducted from the "roles" french boards. The more tank players involved, the better, after all:

I readed again a realy interesting interview of Austin Peckenpaugh, combat designer, on the vision the developpers have of our role in warzones and noticed something that could change a lot of things for us if BW would take care of it:

Many people seem confused as to what the vision was for Tanks in PvP. They rely completely on Guard and Taunts then spec to do as much damage as possible. Can you explain what function or role they were designed to fill in a GvG (Group V/S Group) setting? Is Guard and Taunt all that make a tank a tank?

The vision for tanks is PVP is quite simple: protect allies and make yourself an unfortunate (possibly even annoying) target for the enemy. This is done with Guard and Taunt and increased control, but it’s not really possible without extra survivability. Guard is only a real threat when the one providing it is a nuisance to take down.
No real surprise, I'll say, but we all know that the guard, even if really useful, doesn't make us a target for players and that we are not so much a nuisance to take down.... anyway, at this point, the interview gave some more information about the guard and defensive abilities as they are intented to be:

Austin: When a player attacks an ally that you are guarding, that player’s attack is split. The damage dealt is halved, with one half going to you and the other half going to your guarded ally. These two attacks are treated separately and individually; each of you applies your own avoidance and mitigation to the incoming attack. This does include all available avenues of survivability, with shields being no exception.
Here is the main problem: many people suspected it, some probably verified it by themselves, and some people tested it extensively this week: This is not at all how it works currently!!!

The guard actually only applies damage reduction on our incoming half-attack, ignoring both defense and shields and making our survivability when using guard being inferior to what is normaly intented.

The worst case is the one of shaodw and assassins, but all the kind of tanks are currently penalized. Let's take as exemple a full war hero survival-geared shadow tank:
Damage Reduction 38.25%
Defense Chance 22.12%
Shield Chance 59.07%
Shield Absorption 52.88%

If things were working the way the combat designer decided, on each weapon attack targetting our protegee, we would recieve a corresponding attack with 50%, that our overall survivability mechanism would reduce to something like 16,535%.
Without defense nor shield, as currently, the shadow recieve instead 30,875%

To make it simple: shadows and assassins currently recieve almost twice more damage than intented when guarding someone against weapon attack!
(for the other tanks it is a bit less, but I'll be surprised if they receive less than 150% of the damage intented)

Seen like this, there is no surprise that the weapon user prefer to keep kitting our guarded healer than seek for us and try to take use down, since, as a matter of fact, they do as much damage on the tank by hitting the protegee than by hitting the said tank directly!
No surprise as well that lots of people don't understand the usefulness of the defensive pvp set, since we are not targetted, and that guard only count the armor rating as a survival mechanism...

Now, I can't help but imagine how our warzones could change if the guard was fixed to take account of all survivability mechanisms as intented...