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Tanks, Don't think you are the boss of the operation , you are not . At anytime the healer can refuse to heal you and you either need to leave group if you don't like it or vote to kick .

You are here to suck up the damage so unless your marauder is pulling like crazy put the guard on the healer and use your AOE taunts.
Wrong, most situations call for a guard on the dps to prevent them pulling aggro, not guarding the healer.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kenjigreat View Post
Lost Island Requirements

Tanks Minimum HP : 22K
22k HP implies rakata/BH/campaign, which is not necessary for this flashpoint - 18-20k hp should be ample for tanking this instance.

I'm not sure why we're basing everything off HP anyway, more HP just implies another tier of gear, though often the lower tier re-itemized to have great secondary stats is better than the off-the-shelf higher tier pieces.