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I agree with this, and I mentioned this above. The question comes down to Fun VS Longevity of the game VS. Stress.

But when 8 to 16 players spend a whole night trying to do something and it never happens. Then try again the next day and it never happens. I'm sorry. That's just wrong, and you can't justify your money's worth.

It's called progression raiding. It's not supposed to be easy, it takes time. Perhaps you need to take a look at the people in your team, BW can't dim down all their content just for the sake of pugs raiding, that's what story mode is for. Content is already easy enough, certainly EV and KP.

On your argument against my point of RWZ's not being social, by that I meant, they are not there to be attempted by a random public group. That's why you have normal warzones. A pug group will never win against a guilded group, using teamspeak, with coordination.

Guilds very much ARE the answer. Ranked warzones are exactly that, competitive pvp.Writing this in blue to apply my point
You wouldn't let a random group of people who had just met the other day join a competitive sporting league, and if they were allowed to join, nobody would expect them to win anything.

It miff's me why you think its a social issue that you cannot get a ranked warzone with random people. The only social issue here is that all the good social pvp'ers are in a guild doing ranked warzones, as that's what you do. Nobody pugs a ranked warzone and expects to win. Did I make myself clear?
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