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I was just watching the original trilogy today and things just don't add up. For one at the end of the new trilogy
Obi-Wan Kenobi is like one of the best jedi warriors in the whole galaxy. So much so that he defeats Anikin. But fast forward to the original trilogy which has to be like what 18 years later? He is an old man who is only a shadow of what he once was. How did he age SO much in just 18 years....

Also there is the Moffs that are talking to Vader in the first movie. They downplay the Force and act like it is an old religion that was all superstition... Now I know the Empire defeated the Jedi but even so those Moffs are old enough to have fought in the war and would know they were no pushovers and all superstition. They just talk like the Force had been gone for far longer than 18 years
Beat me to the punch. The ages don't add up. Obi Wan was probably 40 or so when he defeated Anakin on Mustafar. 20 years later, logically he should be 60. Instead, he's 75-80. As for the Moffs, it's an interesting point. They could just be ignorant with disturbing lacks of faith, but we'll never know.
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