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Boss lockouts in raid are there in most MMOs, that's certainly nothing new. Yes, you won't be able to use the group finder for Karagga's Palace, for example, if members of your group killed at least one boss before failing.
Thanks Siorac . At least you solidified a part of this. ^ is an example of what I'm talking about.

Who cares if it's in other MMO's that doesn't make it right! We are here to have fun, and to have fun with others. Limitations are not fun. Especially when they are against our whole group.

If I want to play with my friends, and I can't find enough people, why shouldn't these "boss beaters" be able to play? It would make finding groups even easier! Right? Everyone's happy!

Why wouldn't you want everything to be easier, for people to be happier? If those who killed "one boss" got a special drop or something give them social points and limit them from drops. Also give them a warning ahead of time so they don't get mad later on.

IT IS possible to have more SOCIAL FINESSE and in turn for fans to be HAPPIER with SWTOR.

16 unhappy people are not a good thing to under justify.