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Ranked warzones are not a social thing. They are for 8 players to play together, communicating, most likely fellow guildies. It's for competitive pvp, which is probably why you are loosing so fast with your pug group, hence why everyone leaves after 1 loss.

You can queue solo, up to 4, in regular warzones. Do that.

As for the social aspect for pve, and your 'ready check', this already exists. When a group is formed, every member must accept the queue, therefore stating that they are there. If the shuttle bugged for you, then it was just that, a bug. However, Bioware has no control over peoples mind's (yet). They cannot stop another player dying, or doing stupid things. This is why guilds are popular, to complete harder content with people you can rely on, as well as the social aspect of course.
Though I appreciate your input, I unfortunately disagree. I wish we could agree.

First disagreement; "Ranked WZ is not social" think about what you just said "They are for 8 players to play together, communicating" sounds social to me. I honestly don't see your point here. All I'm saying is that it could be EASIER to be social, in turn prolonging the game's life because people will feel like they got what they paid for.

Second disagreement; "Bioware has no control over peoples mind's (yet)." This is actually based on theory. Theoretically BW does have control over what happens in our minds about their game, by using limitations and opportunity. For example I want to run fast, BW says "you can't" by writing code that limits me in the first place. Therefore they controlled, or limited my control.

Than the opposite is true. If I want to run fast, and one-thousand other people wanted to run fast, and we all blogged about it, and BW decided to make it happen. Again BW let this happen, in turn taking control of the outcome in which we both took part.

I know this sounds funny but there is always an answer to a problem, especially a virtual one. The answer is BW. They do have control, and in a virtual world can do pretty much anything, creating the opportunity for more social finesse. I believe BW is working hard to do this, I just want to make sure they do. It's for all of our benefit.

This is similar to a government, or a church. When people are willing to be a part, and do great things, but are limited they will not support the power, or go somewhere else. In this case it's a lot easier to jump on someone elses "ship" via a URL.

In a lot of cases BW is just protecting themselves and their revenue. That's smart, and in turn we all benefit, by having a community that sticks around for the long hull . But the point is that SOCIAL FINESSE is more important than timely missions, and is entirely possible. It's possible for Ranked WZ and regular social missions. I believe BW is trying their best, and GF is evidence of that. I just want to make sure.