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07.04.2012 , 10:48 AM | #1
Just wondering if anyone running a healing main spec has tried out the tanking companions in DPS rather than tank gear.

As a DPS (Infiltration) shadow, I liked Qyzen right up through 50, and still use him as my default companion for all solo PvE. I put him in full recruit Supercommando kit when I hit 50, and he now has a couple pieces of spare exotech and columi I picked up on raids. He seems to tank pretty much anything I want to solo just fine, and only rarely he may die just before some really nasty mob goes down.

As a heal spec scoundrel, I have been using Corso since the start and he works out very well. Now I'm debating whether to get the Supercommando or Eliminator set for him when I hit 50. He would still have the Supercommando shield on either way, but other than that it seems like DPS gear might make him kill a little faster. My usual style is just to stand around and heal him while he does all the work.