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I know what you are thinking what do I possibly need to know about the group finder.

Well this guide is designed to save time and make everyone's experience clean , fast and fun. (Cause everyone wants their free Blackhole commendations )


Gear Requirements

Normally you can get carried through by a few well geared mates but there are a few notable exceptions.

-False Emperor
-Lost Island

If you are a TANK queing for T1 Flashpoints

Minimum HP : 15 K

Healers : 14 K HP

DPS : 14 K HP

If your entire party has recruit Gear you should limit yourselves to Black Talon or Boarding Party.



Even if you are a casual gamer , Research the fights. We don't owe you anything and neither do you. Everyone wants this to be a drop in, drop out experience.

This applies especially to SM Operations. Every fight has several phases and different mechanics. Not knowing what you are getting into and expecting to get spoonfed by randoms is irresponsible

You want your tokens and so do I.


Etiquette and Roles

Tanks, Don't think you are the boss of the operation , you are not . At anytime the healer can refuse to heal you and you either need to leave group if you don't like it or vote to kick .

You are here to suck up the damage so unless your marauder is pulling like crazy put the guard on the healer and use your AOE taunts.

Always be aware of who is in danger and be the best punching bag possible

Work with your healer- Don't break CCs and let them catch their breathe . They will thank you in the end.

DPS, Don't be reckless . The only time I have ever done reckless things in a Flashpoint is Black Talon . Even I would admit pulling before the Tank does is reckless and a bad habit unless you need to CC a target.

Overall , your job is to kill fast, stay out of Fire/Circle/Stuff and protect the healer if the tank is unavailable.

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one other thing i'd like to point out is for DPS:

kill order for the vast majority of pulls (not all of them) should be NORMAL, STRONG, ELITE, CHAMPION. often there are 5-6 normal mobs with 5k health in a pull, and they are spread out all over. they die so fast that it's pointless for me, as a tank, to waste my energy running around trying to collect them. I am trying to keep your safe from the big hitter mobs.

You'd be so surprised how many DPS don't know this.


Healers are relatively simple in this regard , remember your heal button and resource management.

Also stay out of the Fire/Circle/Stuff


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- You have to leave all tier 1 HM FPs selected to get the 5 BH Comms. Even unchecking 1 (Kaon and D7 I'm looking at you) will stop you getting the comms.
- You should only Need on things you can (and will) use yourself. Greed/Pass on the rest. Ask the group before Needing it for a mods/companions/alts and do not Need for mods/companion/alt if someone else will actually use it for their main spec.

Lost Island Requirements

Tanks Minimum HP : 22K

DPS : 18K HP

Heals : 18 K HP
Gear Check.
Basics : How to do a Gear Check

1.Right click on the character portrait .

2.Go to additional Commands

3. Inspect Player.

Notable Bugs : Accuracy of inspected player is not displayed correctly.

Aim : Primary Stat for Bounty Hunters / Troopers
Strength : Primary Stat for Jedi Knight/ Sith Warrior
Cunning: Primary Stat for Imperial Agent / Smuggler
Willpower : Primary Stat for Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor

Power Contributes to Bonus Damage

Surge Rating --> Surge

Critical Rating --> Critical Chance

Tiers (PvE) : Tier 0 (Daily armoring / mods / enchancements ) (50)
Tier 1 (Tionese) (51)
Tier 2 (Exotech/Columi) (56)
Tier 3 (Rakata) (58)
Tier 4 (Blackhole / Campaign) (61)

Do NOT Click the Box Unless you have researched the fights.

Also for the sake of convenience use Vent/Teamspeak or Mumble to communicate .

Quote: Originally Posted by grallmate View Post
- Going into HM FPs, expect everyone to do a quick run, skipping what you can and spacebar convos. If you want to do bonuses speak up. If you want to do convos I'd suggest you talk to the group and possibly queue story mode instead.
- DPS should wait for the tank to start each pull. Especially Guardian tanks, we have enough issues with spread out mobs already guys.
- DPS also need to kill adds while the tank takes care of the boss.
- If the healer lays down an AoE heal, the DPS also need to stand IN it.
- When skipping mobs, stick near the group and do not run off ahead. If someone pulls aggro accidentally you want to be ready to clean up. Similarly everyone should be sticking with the slowest person which will usually be the healer recovering after topping you all off.

Quote: Originally Posted by Vugluskr View Post
Some advices to healers from a healer:
- At the very start of FP ask everyone if it is their first FP run. If it is your first run, tell about it ASAP. I hate surprises when we pull not a TnS boss.
- Even during quick runs regenerate your resource after every pull. **** happens. Do not rush.
- It is your fault if anyone dies, regardless of a reason. If you can not outheal a huge damage spike, explain tactics to a group to avoid or prevent it. You are healer, and it is your job to keep your group alive. Communication is your biggest healing skill.

I am not trying to force you into my way of thinking . You can put the guard on the melee dps if thats what you think is best. From my experience of playing a melee dps and a healer. I find it preferable that the tanks guard the healer.