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After finishing the class story, LS Mirialan smuggler Ayang Cardani really wants a chance to rest. She does not get it. TONS AND TONS OF SPOILERS for the smuggler storyline. JK shows up but this is pre-class story for her.

I've had this tab up for literally days; at last I have the courage to press "submit new thread". I hope you like the story as much as I have been enjoying writing it! I just have chapter 1 finished for now, I will continue to update until I finish it.


Running in the Family
by Elliot


“Come here, Kanaya.”

No matter how hard Kanaya tried to make her steps soft, her master could always hear her. Even now, when Meyali was sitting alone in the dark, she knew every move her student made. Kanaya still found it unnerving.

Since she’d been discovered, Kanaya had no choice but to join her teacher. She carefully smoothed her robes as she sat down beside her, stealing a glance at Meyali. Every tiny movement she made was elegant and infinitely graceful. Even now, Kanaya was in awe of her.

When Meyali Cardani had first taken Kanaya as her pupil, Kanaya couldn’t believe her good fortune. Everyone knew that Meyali was a master duelist with an exceptionally strong Force connection. She was devastatingly beautiful, seductive in a way that affected everyone. She was the kind of master a padawan only dreamed about. But a few months into their relationship, Kanaya realized that Meyali had another side, a side that was moody and morose, a side that could be cruel. Never to friends, never to Kanaya. Only to herself, and to her family. The only thing Kanaya had really learned from her was how easy it could be to rationalize disobeying the rules of the Order.

“This Order will take things from you, Kanaya,” Meyali said, still staring out the window. Kanaya realized that she was drunk. She shouldn’t be part of the Order, Kanaya found herself thinking. But Meyali would never be thrown out, not someone as skilled in combat as she was. They needed her.

“The Order took from me the only thing I ever wanted,” Meyali continued. Her voice was flat, lifeless.

“Your daughter?” Kanaya asked hesitantly.

Meyali sniffed derisively. “My daughter. Ayang.” She said the name like it tasted bitter in her mouth. “They can't take from me what I never really wanted.”

A horrified chill crept over Kanaya’s body. She knew that Meyali cared very little about her daughter, now a grown woman, who was born without a shred of Force sensitivity. Ayang was just Meyali's failed attempt at having a child who could carry on her legacy. But to really feel like she was worthless, to have no connection to her whatsoever…it was unthinkable.

“No,” Meyali said with a deep sigh. It was almost melodramatic, but there was real pain in her voice. “No, they took from me something else. Hidden away forever, and I can never ask where. My daughter, my parents…none of them know. None of them know what I lost.”

Kanaya was frozen in her chair, afraid to ask but dying to know. “What was it?”

Meyali’s voice remained even, but there was a hard edge to it. Her eyes seemed to flash angrily in the dark.

“My son.”

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