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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 3: In which Pierce and Broonmark get ideas

Time period: In the first few weeks after Quinn's return to life

Pierce leaned against the mess cabinets and gave Broonmark a tired look. "Shoot me," he said.

"Ggglob?" Broonmark drew his vibroblade and activated it, then presented it for Pierce's examination. "Glorble?"

"Can't shoot?" Pierce handed his blaster rifle to the Talz. "Here."

Broonmark considered the rifle, then Pierce. "Bbbluggr?"

Pierce jerked his head in the direction of Nalenne's quarters. "I'm going to die of boredom before she's done shagging that weasel." He held up a hand to forestall Broonmark's reply. "I know, we've been getting odd jobs, but it's nothing like a Wrath rampage."

"Good morning, guys," said Jaesa, entering and going straight for the cereal cabinet.

"Why are you so cheerful," said Pierce flatly.

"Because everything is finally okay around here and Nalenne is happy again?"

"Are you out of your mind?" inquired Pierce. "We're practically out of a job, all because he's making up for lost hours."

Jaesa blushed prettily. "I think it's a lot nicer around here now. It's like it was when things first got sorted out."

Pierce rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Sure, only louder."

"She did offer extended shore leave for us during know, settling-in period."

"And let him completely reduce her brain to goo while we're not around to keep him in his place? Not likely. We need her working and we need her dealing with real human beings or Talz or else the captain'll be calling all the shots when next we step on board."

"Quinn counts as a real human being," said Jaesa.

"And that's where you're wrong again." Pierce shook his head. "We need something for her to do. Something really violent."


"And here I was hoping we could resolve this with a beach vacation," sighed Vette from the doorway.

"Vette, the only thing worse than the prospect of the two of 'em in there is the prospect of the two of 'em out in public. I'd rather she got to thinking about something slightly better suited to her."

"I really don't think any of this worrying is necessary," said Jaesa.

"But you're always wrong," said Vette.

"Haven't you seen how happy she is?"

Pierce growled. "Don't know about seeing, but I've been hearing it 24/7."

"Just give them time."

"It's been two weeks. I want my Wrath back," said Pierce.

"Why, Pierce," teased Vette, "I didn't know you cared."

He ran a finger over the detonator case at his hip and managed to grin. "Woman who makes trouble like this one? Was there ever a day I didn't?"

Broonmark had stepped out to fiddle with something. "Glorp," he announced when he was done, and beckoned them all out to see the big holo room screen.

A newscast was on, a broad scene of a chaotic, packed street bracketed by burning buildings. The newscaster was flanked by uniformed Imperial troopers with blaster rifles at the ready. "The rioting is getting worse as agitators take to the streets, demanding that Lorrd end its centuries-long neutrality by joining with the Republic. The Imperial embassy has been stormed and so far we have no reports of survivors..."

Pierce's face split in a wide smile as he watched. "Perfect."

"Blorkikop," agreed Broonmark.

Pierce turned toward the crew quarters corridor. "Now, we just...I'm not going to knock right now."

Jaesa's eyes went wide. "I sure won't."

Broonmark crossed his arms. "Blop."

"Nuh-uh," said Vette.

"Why don't I just fly us there," said Pierce, "and somebody intercept them when they come up for air." He rubbed the bridge of his nose again. "Whatever happened to Captain Work Work Work?"

"Seems to me he's worki-"

"Vette, do not finish that sentence."
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