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I own 2 computers both with swtor installed; A ati radieon equipped hp-envy 13 that rus the game at 1366x768 essentially flawlessly at all phases.

My main PC however is a beast built to play crysis (maxed) with an nvidia 480gtx OV+OC, phenom x6 and 8 gigs of ddr3. This computer is essentially DOA in any warzone with less than 5 fps making warzones unplayable. GPU usage never crosses the 20% threshold and temp stays at a cool 51 c. No matter what settings the game is run at, the issue persists.

Internet connection is 24mps down and 4mps up with essentially 0 packet loss to any bioware/ea servers.

I just don't get it; this appears to be an extreme optimization issue involving DX9 (right?).

Any suggestions would be welcome (would love a bioware post but I might be reaching)

Any further information available on demand.
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