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12.19.2011 , 12:48 AM | #13
I kinda agree with OP for the factor that wiping tons of times really shouldn't be mandatory in order to learn boss fights. In order to succeed, maybe, but if something is so complicated that after an attempt you don't have any idea what's going on, that is poorly designed.

It wouldn't be a big deal if wiping didn't get so damn expensive. It is very pricey dying half a dozen times in a single FP. The death of your whole group shouldn't be a mandatory stepping stone of FP progression. It should be that happens when you mess up, or don't quite understand the encounter yet, or a combination of not performing on par and a surprise/mistake or two.

I don't want a manual, and I don't want boss fights to be easy. I want them to be designed in a way that lets a group take a leap of faith and try their best to figure it out with guaranteeing they'll be slaughtered just to get a small taste of the strategy required. That's just stupid and poor designing.