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Fast-forward ~6 years. Some people will argue that WoW truly hit its stride with the release of Blackwing Lair. Bioware could learn a TON from studying how Blizzard designed BWL and copied EQ. It had 8-9 bosses of varying difficulties, including several gear-check/gateway bosses and the boss of the entire dungeon, Nefarian, dropped the pieces of uberness described in the previous post. The most difficult bosses dropped set pieces, however each boss had a rare drop that made them worthwhile to kill. I can remember the wing buffet dragons dropped an uber warlock piece we waited a long time to see and Nefarian dropped the BiS healer offhand that I waited quite a while to acquire. Farming the instance for these rare drops proved to be invaluable in progressing faster through the next major dungeon, AQ. Why hasn't Bioware picked up on this yet?
Because there are casuals who cry about not being able to see everything in a game. If someone finds a game like vanilla/BC WoW, let me know.